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Hair Extension Studio, LLC

As women, our hair is representative of our beauty. This leads some of us to get hair extensions to enhance that beauty.




The Queen of Hair Extensions is pleased to carry Sew-In Love Extensions, Pure Human Hair Extensions!

Sew-In Love Extensions is a leader in competitively priced, high-quality extensions.  All of the extensions by Sew-In Love are made of the finest human hair on the market, directly from India and Filipino Countries.  Remy hair extensions undergo special and highly effective treatment methods in preparation for use, which sets Sew-In Love Extensions apart from the rest. 


We want our hair extensions to look as natural as possible, but it is difficult to maintain natural-looking extensions when they cause dry, itchy scalp. We resist scratching at them, because we know this will cause the braids and sew-ins to fray and deteriorate rapidly. To avoid this, we resort to patting – a sure give-away that we have hair extensions. When we get hair extensions, we don’t want to receive a compliment on the extensions themselves – we want to receive a compliment on our hair.

Because our hair is braided tightly to our head for the extensions to be sewn in, air flow to our scalp is restricted. This causes a build-up of bacteria which, in turn, causes that insanely itchy problem. We can search online for useful tips and tricks – which range from co-washing to using an antiseptic mouthwash applied with cotton balls – to alleviate the problem, but there is nothing out there specifically for relieving the itch caused by hair extensions.

Now, there is! Zacqulynn Kinney, the Queen of Hair Extensions, has come up with an exciting and revolutionary new product to relieve dry, itchy scalp caused by hair extensions. It is an all-natural, anti-itch product called Sew-In Spray®. Sew-In Spray® is made with a combination of extracts, Shea butter, and tea tree oil, and it has a light, pleasant, refreshing scent. It does not leave build-up or residue that can dull and weigh down our hair, and it can be used anytime we need it. We spray it directly on our scalp, and we can stop patting our hair!